Office Policies & Procedures

During this training you will learn more about real estate concepts that you have a high probability of running into as an agent. These topics include Agency, Fair Housing, RESPA, Sellers Disclosure to name a few. We also touch on our Technology Platform including Boomtown & Dot Loop.

Phil Wade

Training Video:

  1. Recording of Phil's live training. Click to View

Additional Material:

  1. This is a PDF version of the Presentation Phil used in his webinar.Click to View/Download
  2. Office ManualThe purpose of this manual is to establish a uniform system of daily conduct by and between us when dealing with each other, other members of the company, our clients, and members of the public. You are responsible to read and review this manual and to comply with its policies and procedures. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask Phil. Click to view